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Learn about common problems with your garage door or your garage door opener that you might be able to handle yourself.

1. My garage door won’t open from the wall station

in the garage

* Check to see that you have power going to the opener.

* Check for a broken or pinched wire.

* If the motor runs but the door does not move, it could be a stripped gear or a broken chain/belt. Please call for service.


2. My garage door won’t open from the remote or keypad

* Check the battery - does the indicator light come on.

* Check to see that the lock out button on the wall station has not been pushed

* Occasionally an older opener will lose its program – refer to your owner’s manual for reprogramming procedures.


3. My garage door will only open part way

* Adjustment of the force setting may be required. Please consult your owners manual or call for service.

* A physical obstruction may be preventing the door from opening fully. Check for broom handles, etc. that may have been placed in the track area.


4. My garage door won’t close

* If the light on the opener repeatedly blinks, it could be the photo eyes are not properly aligned or are blocked by an obstruction. Consult your owners manual. If not, the eyes could be malfunctioning and would need replacing. Also check that the wires to the photo eyes are not broken.

* Adjustment of the force setting may be required. Please consult your owners manual or call for service.


5. My garage door starts to go up and stops…or starts to close and stops. I need to push the button on my remote several times to get it to open and close.

This, too, is usually caused by the sensitivity being off on your garage door opener. New and older openers are susceptible to this problem. A service call is usually needed.


6. I have to be directly in front of the garage door with my remote to get it to open.

* The range of your remote could be a problem.

Check the battery.

* The circuit board of your motor could be getting bad.  A service call would be needed to correct this problem.


7. The light on my garage door opener is flashing

* On newer openers, this could mean a different things depending on the number of  times it flashes. Please consult your owner’s manual or place a service call.

* Most commonly, there is something blocking the photo eyes.


8. My garage door closes completely - then reopens

* Check for obstructions in the path of the door travel

* The travel setting could need adjusting. Please consult your owners manual or place a service call.


9. How often is service necessary for my garage door?

A good yearly preventative maintenance check up on your door is important. The springs, hinges, rollers, pulleys and bearings should be lubricated. The spring tension should be adjusted and rollers, hinges and cables should be inspected. All screws and bolts should be tightened. If you have an opener, it should be adjusted and have safety features checked as per the manufacturer's recommendations.


10. I cannot figure out the name of a specific part or where it's located

Click here to try and identify the part and Consult Hanover Door to help solve the problem in a safe, professional and timely manner.

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About remote controls

About keyless entry

If your remote has stopped working or if the range on the remote has become less and you have to be directly in front of the door to make the door open, please check the following possibilities:


Batteries – Turn remote over to find access to the battery compartment. Newer remotes use a round disc battery. Older remotes use a 9 or 12 volt battery.


Lock Mode on the Wall Button – The button that is inside your garage might have a safety feature called a lock button. This button is used to place the motor on “vacation” mode. If it is accidentally hit, it will allow the door to be used one time with the remote and the keypad. It will not work again unless it is opened by the wall button. This is to insure that you can leave the garage for vacation and then the garage is secure until you return.

Press or hit the wall button again and your remote and or keypad should work.


Code – If you have had the batteries out of the remote or if you have continuously pushed the button on the remote, you might have cleared the code. If this is the case, the remote will have to be reprogrammed.


To reprogram remotes:


Press and release the "learn or smart”  button on the back of your garage door opener. The learn indicator light will glow steadily for 30 seconds. Within that 30 seconds, press and hold the button on your hand-held remote. Release the button when the motor unit light blinks. It has “learned” the code. If the light bulbs are not installed, two clicks will be heard.

If the keyless entry does not work at all, or if the light is dim or sheds no light at all when you lift the keyless entry cover, please check the following:


Batteries – Newer keyless entries require a 9 volt battery. Older units require a 12 volt battery.


Lock Mode – See Remote Control section for Lock Mode Information.


Reprogram – If you have repeatedly tried to enter your code and the keyless entry is not working you might have cleared your code and it needs to be reprogrammed.




Press and release the “learn” button on the garage door opener. The” learn” indicator light will glow steadily for 30 seconds.

Within that 30 seconds enter a four-digit code of your choice on the keyless entry then press and hold the ENTER button. Release

the button when the garage door opener light blinks, or if no light bulbs are installed, two clicks will be heard. Your code has

been accepted.




Press and hold the “learn” button on the garage door opener until the “learn” button goes out. This will take about six seconds.  All previous codes are now erased. BOTH your remotes AND your keypads are blank. You may now reprogram both as you wish.





Photo eyes are safety features located at the bottom of your garage door. They will not allow the door to come down if they sense that something is in the way. They can become out of alignment very easily. NOTHING SHOULD BLOCK THE PHOTO EYES IN ANY WAY.


Indicators that the photo eyes might need to be serviced:


1. If door can be RAISED without a problem, but will not CLOSE or starts to close, then comes back up.


2. If the door doesn’t come back down or starts to come down and then goes back up and the lights on the motor head blink, when you push the wall button to close the door.  


3. If you can “force” the door to the ground by holding the wall button and not releasing it until the door is fully closed.


4. Newer Lift-Master motors have one green photo eye light and one amber light. The green photo eye is the receiving eye and will go out even if it is not the eye that has been hit. Both lights must be solidly lit. Even the slightest flicker will not allow the door to come down.


5. Check that all wire connections are good. It is possible for wires to become tangled with something in the garage.


To re-align your photo eyes:


1. Locate the photo eye that is “out” if possible. Usually the photo eye looks like it has been hit or has something in front of it.


2. Adjust the photo eye to get it back in alignment with your hands. This may take some patience as they are designed

to be sensitive.


3. Once both lights are on and they are solid, tighten down the wing nuts and you door should work properly.


4. This is rarely an installation issue, but unfortunately it occurs many times because of the sensitivity of the photo eye which is designed for ultimate SAFETY.




Hanover Door accepts no liability for the content of these pages, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. If in doubt, please call 717-632-6525 or 800-404-9046



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