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Ask yourself these questions before you buy:

1. What type of door are you looking for?

2. Is it purely functional and not intended to change the look of your home?

3. Is it a substantial part of your home’s façade and very visible to yourself and others?

4. How much time do you want to spend with your door?


Not sure about adding windows to your garage door?

Consider the following...


1. Do you spend time in your garage and would you like to be able to see outside?  

Answer: Put windows on garage door at eye level.


2. Would you prefer to have light from the windows, but are not concerned

with seeing outside?  

Answer: Put windows on the garage door in the top section.


3. If privacy is important, but you would like some natural light…

Answer: Use opaque glass instead of clear glass.


4. If windows are not necessary, but you’d like to accessorize your door.  

Answer: Try decorative hardware.


Modern day wood doors are beautiful BUT will require

periodic maintenance on the

finish to preserve the wood.


The majority of doors sold today

are constructed of steel, finished with multiple coats of paint, for years of freedom from refinishing.


However, all doors do require

minor annual maintenance to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

Frequently Asked Questions: 


Why should I have my garage door professionally installed?


       Connecting the high tension springs can be dangerous and proper installation is critical to proper performance.  Professional installers make sure all safety requirements are met. Installation not done by a professional installer can also affect warranties.


How do I dispose of my old garage door?


        Most installers will dispose of your old garage door when they install a new one. Sometimes there is a fee.


If I replace my garage door, can I keep the existing track?


        Not replacing the track could affect the warranty. Since each garage door is designed to work with a specific type of track, it is recommended that you also replace the track.  It’s an inexpensive way to insure that your new garage door is as safe as possible.


Explain R-values.


         R-value is used to describe how a thermal insulation retards the flow of heat through itself. Since the R-value is determined by the thickness of the insulation and the chemical properties of that insulation, the R-value rating is for the section of the garage door only, not for the entire, installed door.  A door’s insulating capability can be affected by the door’s construction as well.


Is an extension or a torsion spring better?


        Extension springs are attached on either side of the door and stretch along the track when the door is closed.  Many older garage doors are equipped with extension springs as standard hardware.  Safety cables should be installed to prevent serious injury if the spring breaks.


        Torsion springs are usually located above the top section of the door, mounted to the header. This is considered to be the better spring, because it offers more safety and better balance of the door. Most doors today come with torsion springs as standard.







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